IWD - International Women's Day Workshop - March8th

Since 1909, every year New York is celebrating Women's Day to commemorates the movement for women's rights. On March 8th, for the first time, Dance in TriBeCa will celebrate International Women's Day by offering a heels dance workshop with Mally Reber

Mally's Heels class is created to have students feeling like they can conquer the world in their favorite pair of heels. She focuses on each students strengths and encourages them to ultimate greatness. This dance class will combine jazz, lines, technique, high performance moves and essential hair whips. Its never to late to learn how to dance in heels. 

Day: March 8th, 2018

Time: 7PM



Let's celebrate!
Join us to Dance, Learn and Have fun!!
#danceintribeca #womennationalday

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